THE PARTY PSYCHICS Amazing entertainment value for those getting read as well as those who hear about the reading after or during.
About Party Psychic Indigo

About Party Psychic Indigo


Being a Sagittarius-Capricorn cusp sun sign, Cancer ascendant, and a 5 life path, means that Indigo has entered this plane with a highly progressive mindset. She holds the attitude and skills to make the world a better place. Optimistic and trustworthy, connected to the moon and bearer of the gift of prophecy, Indigo makes for a great reader and loyal friend.

Indigo sparkled into this world as an Indigo child, clairvoyant, intuitive, and creative. A dreamweaver by night, performer by day. She had studied the realm of dreams since she was a child, practicing astral projection, lucid dreaming, interpretation and dream journaling. Indigo had encounters with the paranormal at a very young age, and had experienced prophetic dreaming and OBE throughout her childhood. As she grew older, Indigo continued her studies in the Tarot, astrology, psycho magic, crystal healing, and chakra colour therapy. Indigo has a love for theatre and dance. Performing in a magical theatre troupe “The Indigo Cabaret” , a theatre act based on the Tarot, Indigo allows herself to perform the art of tribal fusion belly dance. She creates magnificent and detailed costumes for the actors, and weaves a dazzling atmosphere by interacting with the audience, allowing for a full on mystical experience. With a diploma in addictions counseling and community service work, Indigo is dedicated to helping the community with the practice of metaphysical healing and art therapy. With her study in magical herbs, lucid dreaming, and crystals, Indigo has written articles for the Fairy Times newspaper opening her readers’ minds to the practice of intention and magic.

Toronto Psychic Party & Event  Experiences

Hi Willow,

It was great! Everyone was really excited and had nothing but good things to say
about Indigo. Even given the snow storm, she still arrived more than on time! Very
impressive! It was a great success!!

Thank you again!

Alla Shovkoplyas | Regional Coordinator | CIBC Private Wealth Management

Holiday Party, Cocktail portion

Hello Willow!

It was so nice to meet you on Friday. The readers were GREAT and I’ve been getting a
lot of positive feedback.

If I am ever in need of similar services again, I’ll look forward to working with
you 🙂 . Thank you for an extremely pleasant experience.

KATIE BUCHANAN | Receptionist/Information

Staff Appreciation Event

Hi Willow,
Indigo was great. Thank you for all of your help. Our event went very
smoothly and guests enjoyed the tea leaf reading!

Jen Welton, First Jewelry, Tea Leaf Readings, Media Event for Persona

Hi Willow,
She was lovely!!  Our guests really liked the readings.  It was such a fun
addition to the party.

Also, It was a pleasure working with both you and Indigo and we’ll
definitely keep you in mind for our next event.

Astrid Henninger, First Jewelry, Tea Leaf Readings, Media Event for Persona

Hi Willow
Everyone had a wonderful  time and Indigo was very sweet.. all the ladies enjoyed speaking with her and a good afternoon was had by all. 3of Cups really delivered on all expectations.
Thanks so much
Linda, 65th Birthday Party

Hi, They had a great time. All said it was amazing and super accurate. Thanks again. —  Sniden, Pisces Sweet Sixteen Teen Birthday Party

Hi Willow, They did really well – everyone was pleased!  We may do it again someday. Thank you! — R a c h e l   D o n e r,  Denison  Gallery, Exclusive Designer Socials Event

Hi Willow, Everything went great – Indigo was fabulous! Thanks for all your help. Regards,  Sureka Tharuma, St. Andrew’s Club & Conference Centre, Client Appreciation Party

Thanks for the kind words Willow. Hope your readers had a good event in all markets. Everything ran well from our end. Thanks again, Maneesh Singhla, Boom Marketing, Movember

MoSista Willow, Thanks so much for your support during the Movember campaign this year.  The addition of your fortune tellers at the Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal galas was a huge plus for our guests.  All the best for 2013, we see great things in your future! :-), Mo love, Sarah (Movember)

Hi Willow, Thanks for following up.  Indigo was great and we had a steady stream of people waiting to have their fortunes told!  She was lovely and totally at ease at our party which was a bit chaotic. Thanks for all of your help. Best, Heather – Seasonal Staff Party, Girl Guides of Canada

“It went great! Everyone was very inclined to get their reading done even the men.  Everyone was very happy with their readings and they were a huge part of making our event a success.  We would definitely consider booking again in the future.” Azania Thompson, SDM Specialty Health Network, Social event

The readers were great! Thanks so much for accommodating us on such short notice. Have a great weekend.” Canon Kick-off Party – Carine Mechedjian, Canon Canada Inc.

Willow, I just wanted to let you know that Indigo was wonderful last night and she really was a fun surprise for our event. I wanted to let you know personally how great she was. Thanks again, Heather- Bachelorette Party (Group + One-on-one readings)

The girls had a great time and Indigo’s readings were great! Tiffany A., Holiday Party, penelopePR

Things went well with Indigo on Wednesday. All of the feedback I received was very positive. I have heard only great things from my colleagues that did participate in a reading. Thank-you for your services Willow. We will keep you in mind for any future opportunities. Enjoy your weekend! ~ Sarah & Melanie, Boom! Marketing, Office Health & Wellness / Halloween Event

Honestly, the readers were the most popular component of the event. The only feedback I could possibly give is that because they were so popular, perhaps they could have adapted by turning over at a faster rate. (Editor’s note: Tell the readers what’s on your mind. 😉 They were all three fantastic and terribly charming. ~ Danielle Hurtubis, Canadian Cardiovascular Society for City Night 2012 — In attendance Kaia Jai, Indigo, and Autumn

“It went great! The party was fantastic and Indigo was amazing. My whole family really loved her, she actually turned out to be friends with my cousin! Thanks so much for everything, I’ll be sure to recommend your  services.” Amanda McL., Birthday Party

Fantastic – People really liked her. Thank you – We had a great evening! ~Philip, Birthday Party

Indigo was fantastic. She did an excellent job and our guests were thrilled. We all commented on how accurate her readings were and we would definitely recommend Indigo to others. Matt and I truly thank you for all of your support and planning for the evening. Best, Kimberly, Bachelorette Party


Most recent event photos can be found here…

Reading Tools

Tarot Reader, Palm Reader, Angel Readings, and more…

Psychic / Intuitive | Tarot | Tea Leaf Readings

Psychic / Intuitive

The word or term Psychic is both an umbrella word for Psychics, Intuitives, Fortune tellers, Sooth-sayers, Seers, Diviners, Oracles, Gypsies Mystics, Spiritualists, Mediums, as well as by the tool a reader may use: Astrologist, Cartomancer, Coffee Grounds Reader, Crystal Ball Reader, Face Reader, Handwriting Analyst, Numerologist, Palm Reader, Tarot Reader, Tea Leaf Reader. However, Psychic also means (and perhaps is reflective of the most accurate use of the term) the abiltiy to use a normal sense to a heightened degree and in unusual ways.

Sight = Clairvoyance, Feeling/Touch = Clairsentience, Hearing = Clairaudient, Knowing = Claircognizance, Tasting = Clairgustance, and Smelling = Clairalience.

Many times people will ask for a Clairvoyant as that tends to be the most understood psychic sense — probably because it appears to be the most dramatic. However, any psychic sense used well makes not one sense better than the other. The psychic part in our company name 3 of Cups Psychic Event Entertainment is reflective of the umbrella term and most popularly understood meaning of the word psychic though it’s not the most accurate term as just read.

“Intuition is a combination of historical (empirical) data, deep and heightened observation, and an ability to cut through the thickness of surface reality. Intuition is like a slow motion machine that captures data instantaneously and hits you like a ton of bricks. Intuition is a knowing, a sensing that is beyond the conscious understanding — a gut feeling. Intuition is not pseudo-science.”

An Intuitive is quite a rational person.


The Tarot is a collection of cards which contain an allegory / story of life milestones, mystical experience, archetypes, and more. Some Tarot decks have picture stories on all cards while others only have symbols similar to playing cards. In fact, many say that Tarot originates from games that used a playing deck. Tarot has it’s physical origins and/or popularity in the Renaissance period (1400-1500’s) and it re-emerged in popularity in the late 1800’s and into the 1900’s. Tarot is still wildly popular in the modern person’s mind. When someone thinks of a Fortune Teller this is one of the tools that comes to mind of an old Gypsy lady reading the future. Tarot is useful for telling the story of a guests life from past, present, and future as well as past lives.

Tea Leaves

Tea leaves can unlock the subconsious and higher mind by using a certain method of turning the cup over and then back again and then reading the symbols and pictures that are left behind. Psychics often use this tool for focusing their sense. When the guests will not be actually drinking the tea, the reader will supply a few tea cups, plates, and other items as well as the actual tea to be used in the reatealeafreadingding. When the guests will be actually drinking the tea, the organizer will supply the tea, cups, plates, and most other items. We will give instructions on what exactly is needed

Travel Area

Indigo provides psychic tarot readings all over the greater Toronto area especially with a focus on the West End of Toronto and downtown Toronto. Some locations may require a travel expense. She has attended all sorts of events such in the theatre, birthday, and holiday parties, friends night in, etc.

Indigo will travel throughout the GTA given travel expenses are paid. Her free travel zone is anywhere that is no more than a 45-60 minute trip, by transit, from the west end which includes Etobicoke to East York and Sheppard to Union station.

Toronto, Downtown, East York, Central, The Beach aka The Beaches, The Danforth, St. Clair West, GTA, North York, Markham, Brampton, Vaughan, Aurora, Woodbridge, Mississauga, Oakville, Barrie, Bolton, Milton, Halton Hills, Pickering, Whitby, Etobicoke, Clarkson, Port Credit, Scarborough, Ajax, Woodbridge, Bramalea, Thornhill, York, Malton, Meadowvale, Streetsville, Peel Region, etc.

Random Party Organizer / Host Experiences

I believe the party was a great success – the girls are still talking about it. I really appreciate the help you gave me in setting it up and making it all happen. I’ve had many conversations with friends about this type of theme party and most had never thought of it. — Teen Birthday Party, Barb L. - Read more testimonials

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