THE PARTY PSYCHICS Amazing entertainment value for those getting read as well as those who hear about the reading after or during.
About Party Psychic Leela

About Party Psychic Leela

Psychic Leela

Toronto Tarot Reading Party Psychic Leela


Leela was born into this world to guide people through their healing and spiritual
journey. Having a strong Leo presence and a Life Path number of 1, Leela is
dedicated to guiding people into a more positive direction with the use of her open
heart and strong leadership skills.

Having a Sun in Leo makes her super outgoing, big-hearted and creative, with a
radiant personality that shines and brings warmth and smiles to those around her .
She is very easy to talk to.

Having a Moon in Sagittarius gives her humanitarian instincts, a love for meeting a
variety of new people and makes her adaptable to different kinds of personalities.
She has an inclination to explore deeper knowledge including subjects such as the
occult and spirituality.

Being a Gemini Rising makes her a good communicator, fun loving and witty, with a
buoyant sense of humour and a constant thirst for more knowledge (she’s a big nerd)
and gains through experience.

Since  Leela was a child she’s always been enormously sensitive and highly aware and knew she was
different. It also makes her a natural spiritual teacher, especially gifted with

She has a 3 personality. Which makes her always vibrate full of life. This uplifts
and inspires those around her with charm. She’s a fun person to be around.

Her preferred oracle tools are the following: tarot, astrology, numerology,
telepathy, intuition, clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, dream
interpretation, colour and chakra therapy.

In her personal time she likes to challenge herself by continuously upgrading and
adding to her knowledge, skills and experience. She refers herself as a student for
life by constantly pushing herself to grow, learn and evolve in her diverse avenues
of interests. She’s often performing and consistently taking classes in the Art of
Belly Dance in a variety of styles. Some of her diverse interests and hobbies are
the following: photography, exercises, swimming, Kung Fu, art, bicycling, writing,
reading, learning, raw food preparation, studying raw and holistic health and
nutrition and expanding and exploring her spirituality, although she is not

When she’s not offering oracle readings, you can find offering her other
multidisciplinary  healer and artist services, such as being a Registered Massage
Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher, Raw Holistic Nutritional consultations, workshop
facilitator, Vibrational Colour therapist and Belly Dancing performer.
Since she was a child, people would often gravitate towards her for guidance,
comfort, and healing. She began discovering her natural talent of massage therapy at
the young age of 12 and oracle reading at age 17.

Her presence brings a sense of calm, peace and comfort to others that makes them
feel safe to trust her  with their vulnerabilities and areas that need healing and
guidance. Her true colours and blue and indigo  which make her a natural healer and
highly intuitive.

She has a passion to help guide others to find their truth through helping them with
their spiritual and healing journeys. She does this  by bringing them more clarity,
higher wisdom, nutritional advice and her healing services as well as passing them
her knowledge that will help them follow the path of their highest good. Her
approach is one that’s practical: looking out for what is going to best help others
in moving forward in their journeys by helping them gain clarity, healing and to

Toronto Psychic Party & Event Experiences

Everything was great.  Thank you very much. I will definitely keep your services in mind for my next event. Jennifer, Baby Shower


Hi Willow!

It went extremely well! Leela was fantastic – she was very professional. I would
definitely recommend your services for future events.

Thank you so much for all your help! 🙂

Sarah Breen-Warnes
Underwriter, Toronto

RGA Life Reinsurance Company of Canada



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Reading Tools

Tarot Reader, and more…

Psychic / Intuitive | Tarot

Psychic / Intuitive

The word or term Psychic is both an umbrella word for Psychics, Intuitives, Fortune tellers, Sooth-sayers, Seers, Diviners, Oracles, Gypsies Mystics, Spiritualists, Mediums, as well as by the tool a reader may use: Astrologist, Cartomancer, Coffee Grounds Reader, Crystal Ball Reader, Face Reader, Handwriting Analyst, Numerologist, Palm Reader, Tarot Reader, Tea Leaf Reader. However, Psychic also means (and perhaps is reflective of the most accurate use of the term) the abiltiy to use a normal sense to a heightened degree and in unusual ways.

Sight = Clairvoyance, Feeling/Touch = Clairsentience, Hearing = Clairaudient, Knowing = Claircognizance, Tasting = Clairgustance, and Smelling = Clairalience.

Many times people will ask for a Clairvoyant as that tends to be the most understood psychic sense — probably because it appears to be the most dramatic. However, any psychic sense used well makes not one sense better than the other. The psychic part in our company name 3 of Cups Psychic Event Entertainment is reflective of the umbrella term and most popularly understood meaning of the word psychic though it’s not the most accurate term as just read.

“Intuition is a combination of historical (empirical) data, deep and heightened observation, and an ability to cut through the thickness of surface reality. Intuition is like a slow motion machine that captures data instantaneously and hits you like a ton of bricks. Intuition is a knowing, a sensing that is beyond the conscious understanding — a gut feeling. Intuition is not pseudo-science.”

An Intuitive is quite a rational person.


The Tarot is a collection of cards which contain an allegory / story of life milestones, mystical experience, archetypes, and more. Some Tarot decks have picture stories on all cards while others only have symbols similar to playing cards. In fact, many say that Tarot originates from games that used a playing deck. Tarot has it’s physical origins and/or popularity in the Renaissance period (1400-1500’s) and it re-emerged in popularity in the late 1800’s and into the 1900’s. Tarot is still wildly popular in the modern person’s mind. When someone thinks of a Fortune Teller this is one of the tools that comes to mind of an old Gypsy lady reading the future. Tarot is useful for telling the story of a guests life from past, present, and future as well as past lives.

Travel Area

Leela provides psychic tarot readings all over the greater Toronto area especially with a focus on the West End of Toronto and downtown Toronto. Some locations may require a travel expense. She has attended all sorts of events such in the theatre, birthday, and holiday parties, friends night in, etc.

Leela will travel throughout the GTA given travel expenses are paid. Her free travel zone is anywhere that is no more than a 45-60 minute trip, by transit, from the west end which includes Etobicoke to East York and Sheppard to Union station.

Toronto, Downtown, East York, Central, The Beach aka The Beaches, The Danforth, St. Clair West, GTA, North York, Markham, Brampton, Vaughan, Aurora, Woodbridge, Mississauga, Oakville, Barrie, Bolton, Milton, Halton Hills, Pickering, Whitby, Etobicoke, Clarkson, Port Credit, Scarborough, Ajax, Woodbridge, Bramalea, Thornhill, York, Malton, Meadowvale, Streetsville, Peel Region, etc.

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I would highly recommend this company for a corporate event. The website is extremely helpful in answering all your questions. Their service was very professional, and the whole experience was above all expectations. It was a great idea for my 50th Birthday party., Colleen R., Birthday Party - Read more testimonials

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