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FAQ: Private

Special Event Planner FAQ’s

(private, community)

Going into our 8th year of offering psychic event readings across Canada we have had the opportunity to learn a great deal, and with pleasure provide information to Organizers to ensure your event runs smoothly and is as successful as you desire.

Please review the following FAQ’s. If you have specific questions or concerns about the FAQ, please email your Booking Agent or text/call them at 647-895-4233 / 416-564-6284 ASAP. We can also review the FAQ by phone if needed and are developing an audio component for those who prefer to listen.

Before Your Event | During Your Event | After Your Event

Before Your Event

Booking Changes | Expectations | Event & Reader Preparations | Preparing Your Guests | Cancellation

Event & Reader Preparation

Costuming > Venue > Inaccessibility > Reader Rides > Having Payment Ready > Allergies > Equipment Rentals > Separate Area > Home Parties > Tables & Seating > Creating Mood > Noise & Lighting > Reading Area > Seated Readings > Outdoor Readings > Food and Drink

Getting ready to receive entertainment and viewing readers as a very important element for your event will create much success. Below are a number of things to prepare for your reader’s visit.

Costuming & Dressing-to-impress Our readers wear a costume or dress-to-impress at no extra charge. Our standard costumes are gypsy, fortune teller, angel, and psychic; however, many readers are able to create a look to match your theme or dress-to-impress. If no prior arrangements are made, the reader will wear something suitable, choose a costume, or just come as themselves.

Venue We do our best to map out your area, and locate directions by way of TTC, Internet Maps, or Taxi dispatcher; however, it’s our hope that you will understand and know your location more than us. To help readers reach your venue for the first time, on time, it’s important to know if there are any special instructions to get into your venue such as buzzer codes, passes, badges, hidden building numbers, special floor elevators, recessed buildings, etc..

Things to consider when advising us on how to get to your event:

  • On-going Construction
  • TTC issues
  • Incomplete / inaccurate instructions
  • Delays

Inaccessibility In the rare and unforeseeable circumstance of a venue being inaccessible to the reader when we were told otherwise, this error may cause a cancellation or decreased entertainment time. Please be clear and provide in-depth instructions and address information to get into the venue. Supplying a map or any information that guests would receive about your event can be given to the reader.

It’s important that the reader and host work together to get the reader to the event if inaccessibility issues crop up (i.e. unforeseen construction, street accidents, no access to building, etc..). That could mean the splitting of cab fare or in the rarest of situations accepting a ride from the host or couriering necessary documents to allow the entertainer to perform.

Reader Rides It’s inadvisable to offer rides to a reader as the host is responsible for the safety of their passengers and many readers do not feel comfortable accepting rides from someone they have just met (or haven’t met). That’s why a transportation expense fee, if the venue is inaccessible to the area of the reader, TTC, or a late end time (after 11PM), will be charged. It’s better to be safe than sorry. But if you both feel comfortable, then it’s okay but you’re on your own.

Having Payment Ready When events are larger (over 10 people) payment is greatly preferred at the start or before the event entertainment and not at the end. We have been at events where we couldn’t find the organizer at the end so it’s best to just get this part out of the way as soon as possible. Please ensure that payment arrangements, for your event, are fully arranged through the office prior to your event taking place (647-895-4233 / 416-564-6284). For overtime requests, payment can be made by cash or cheque made out to 3 of Cups Psychic Event Entertainment Inc. and not in the reader’s name or a call into the office to place the overtime fee on a credit card. Payment is to be made before overtime entertainment begins.

Allergies Some readers can have allergic reactions to pets, dust, smoke, plants, animals, chemicals, etc… Getting information about common allergens are helpful so the reader can take measures to protect themselves (i.e. allergy pills).

Equipment Rentals In rare circumstances where a host requires a table and chairs but cannot provide it for the venue, we offer a portable table with chairs at an extra cost; however, venues often have extra tables and chairs at no extra cost. We also offer room dividers, 8x8x6 floorless tents, extra large sized mesh canopies (can be hung from a tree or ceiling), CD player, etc. Please inquire.

Separate Room / Area For seated one-on-one readings, Readers prefer to work in a room separate from the guests; however, if that’s not possible please have the conversation and guest area as far away as possible from the reader. For larger events with “food and drink” stations, consider placing the reader near a dessert/snack/coffee/tea/juice area and avoid placing near a bar serving alcohol. When more than one reader is present, please place them near each other. This helps with crowd control and each reader doing a similar amount of readings. If placing the readers in separate areas is your preference, please speak with us before your event.

Home Parties Please no bed or floor seating (unless arranged prior to the event) and no makeshift upside down garbage can or containers or very small (clipboard sized) tabled areas. Also, reading surfaces require the reader’s legs to fit comfortably under them. If you have a particular way you want to set up the area, please communicate this to the booking agent in advance of the event and then we can inform the reader of any needs. In the end, our readers are professional and will work with whatever is presented to them; however, their comfort can translate into better readings.

Seated Readings Preparation — Tables & Seating Please have a reading table (coffee, kitchen, bistro, card table) and seating ready for the reader in the room or area of your choice (preferably one furthest away from guest conversation) before they get there. If you do not have these items, please let us know right away. When more than one reader is present, please place them near each other. This helps with crowd control and each reader doing a similar amount of readings. If placing the readers in separate areas is your preference, please speak with us before your event. For larger events with “food and drink” stations, consider placing the reader near a dessert/snack/coffee/tea/juice area and avoid placing a bar serving alcohol next to the reader(s).

Creating Mood As available, reading music and atmospheric lighting (i.e. flameless candles) can be requested at no additional cost otherwise please feel free to take care of this yourself and feel free to ask us about what music to play based on your event entertainment vision. The reader comes standard with a table cloth and table decor, as it fits the event. We may need 2-4 weeks advance notice for any special or unusual requests.

Noise & Lighting A special place for the reading is not a requirement; however, noise and lighting levels are of biggest concern.

For traditional readings (reader, guest, table, and two chairs) the space is best not to be near a speaker or loud volume (such as heavy conversation) so that the reader can speak and the guest can hear without shouting or cocking the ear to mouth and lighting levels (whether that be spot (candles) or normal) need to be strong enough so the reader can see their reading supplies adequately.

Seating Area Other considerations to avoid in setting up the reading are: traffic (people/pets walking back and forth that interrupts the readings), being in earshot of other guests (unless you don’t mind people listening in), and extreme hot or cold (i.e. right next to a fireplace or air conditioner).

Seated Readings It is common practice for traditional readings that the host supply a clean table and two chairs for reader and guest to sit on and to have it ready before the reader gets to your event. However, a couch and coffee table, floor, or grass is fine too as long as reader and guest are comfortable. If seating is to be other than a standard sized portable table and hard backed chair, please let us know in advance so the reader can prepare for the non-standard seating arrangements.

Outdoor Readings It is common practice that the host supplies adequate protection against the weather and elements. Protection might be an umbrella, a tarp, a gazebo, an overhang, a tent, etc. For an extra cost we can provide two 8x8x6 floorless tents, a “room” divider, silky curtains, and a mesh net canopy to add to the reading atmosphere (applies to indoor or outdoor events). Please note: If you plan to hold readings outdoors, please advise in advance as some readers can only read indoors.

Food and Drink There’s no obligation to offer food or drink; however, if you do — the food provider is responsible for any health issue (i.e. food poisoning) that may or may not occur. Therefore, it is best to offer bottled water and meals prepared by a restaurant, caterer, or pre-packaged. Again, you are not obligated to offer this and the reader usually has sufficient food and water to last for the period of readings.

Also the reader usually won’t drink alcohol or eat during readings so unless you are okay with the reader staying after the entertainment is completed, it’s more than likely not useful to offer food and drink unless there’s an extended break between readings, they are coming early, or staying later to partake.

Your Guests

EVEN IF OUR READERS ARE A SURPRISE FOR YOUR GUESTS, PLEASE ANNOUNCE THEM AND LET YOUR GUESTS KNOW WHAT THEY DO AND HOW TO GET THEIR READING (i.e. Line-up, Sign-up, Go in when ready, Wait to be called by reader, etc. — please discuss with your Booking Agent).

It’s often recommended to give the name of the reader before the event, what they do, and how long each guest has with the reader. Printing out or sending the reader bio and information is also an option. In this way your guests have an idea of what to expect and can prepare for their readings.

It would also be helpful if guests knew in advance the types of things they would like to know. Do they have a question that’s been on their mind? Do they want a general or specific reading? Do they just want to be “read”. Again, it’s good to tell them how much time they have with the sitter so that readings run efficiently and everyone that wants a reading (based on booking), gets one. )

General on-line bios are available and reader bios can be printed from .pdf versions as requested.

Readers do not want to be “rude” or “unfriendly” so please let guests know that it can take 5-30 minutes for the reader to set up and get comfortable in the environment and to “avoid” talking to the reader until they are finished setting up unless they need too otherwise it just delays their set up time and period of meditation before they begin their performance.


At 3 of Cups, Fortune Teller Fun, Tea Leaf Party, and The Party Psychics, our mission is to give guests and organizers what they want and need in VIP psychic event entertainment. As organizer, if you have expectations or dreams on how something is to turn out, let the reader know. There isn’t anything more upsetting then being let down. If a certain kind of reading, approach, costuming, etc., is wanted, let your booking agent know. It’s okay to want things and say what you want; however, the reader may not be able to fulfill all wishes. To mention, our readers generally exceed expectations.

In regards to guest happiness, the following is what you might expect out of 10 guest readings:

  • 3 are amazed and shocked at the accuracy of the reading
  • 3 think the reader was very good but found some points incorrect
  • 2-3 think the readings were good and are happy
  • 1-2 think the reader was dead-wrong.

In the end about an 80% average of your guests will be satisfied with their readings and many other times everyone is 100% happy. We aim for perfection but understand that isn’t always possible.

Why would guests think the reading was dead-wrong? Situations such as: being intoxicated and not focusing on the reading, not jelling with the communication style of the reader (i.e. different usage of words/terms, immediate dislike of the reader, not being able to apply what’s being said to what’s going on), not being consciously aware of self and/or environment, and being skeptical (not really being *into* readings in the first place). And yes, there’s always the chance the reader is having a bad day.  If you think that is happening, call us right away to discuss the reader’s performance (647-895-4233 / 416-564-6284).

Booking Changes

Please let us know of any changes to number of guests, reading length, readings, etc. so the reader can prepare in advance to ensure you and your guests get the most out of the entertainment.

Your Booking Agent ensures, at great length, that everyone gets their needs and wants met and that everyone understands what they are getting and doing. We also can’t guarantee that we will be able to modify your booking. And when an organizer changes the number of guests, reading length, and other information (which was collected at the time of confirming the booking) at the event, the reader can become disoriented. Our guarantee voids in these cases, if we are not allowed to be responsible for any changes made. So for anything more than a minor change at an event, please call us at 647-895-4233 / 416-564-6284 at the event or email us (preferably before he event) so we can sort of the change with the reader and yourself — if it’s even possible to do.


You can cancel your booking but your deposit is forfeited, unless the booking is canceled within 8 weeks or more of the event date. An administration fee of $50 applies for canceled bookings to cover merchant, bank and labour fees. If you would like to re-book, we can not guarantee it but will do our best. In exceptional cases, and because of goodwill, we may (at our discretion) give you future services (i.e. rescheduled event, readings, etc.) up to the amount of the deposit.

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Before Your Event | During Your Event | After Your Event

During or on the Day of Your Event

Reaching You by Phone | Arrival Time | Customer Service / Guarantee | Crowd Control | Your Reader | Guests

Reaching You by Phone

We will attempt, time permitting, to re-confirm your event details a few days to a week before the event. Please do your best to reply to the message to re-confirm promptly. We might also need to contact you a few minutes to up to 5 hours by phone on the day of the event. Please have someone available to answer a phone call or check your messages.

Arrival Time

Readers will arrive to read on time and it’s rare that our readers are late. Readers can arrive as little as 5 minutes or as much as 30 minutes (or more if we are doing set design, erecting tents, etc.) before start time. We tell readers to arrive at around 10-15 minutes (for a standard setup) before they are scheduled to read so there’s enough time to get pointed in the direction of where they need to set up and then set up and be ready to read on-time.

Readers may be delayed due to traffic, weather, parking / transit issues or incomplete venue location instructions for examples. Please wait at least 5 minutes after their scheduled arrival time before worrying about whether they will be coming or not unless the readings must start exactly on time. In that case, please call the office if your reader does not arrive within 5 minutes of start time and you have not heard from them yet.

Remember that it’s rare for our readers to be late and if they are, it’s likely to be for a very good reason as all our readers take your event very seriously and understand the consequence of being late.

Customer Service / Guarantee

Our readers are Your Entertainers and while entertainment is a service, it’s a different kind of service.

We work very closely with our readers and while we have a “big box” appearance, we are a close knit family of readers and communicate frequently about event challenges and successes.

Readers follow your booking request. Your Booking Request is often re-confirmed by the office. Should anything change without notifying the office, please do not expect a reader to change details to your satisfaction. Should the reader be able to meet your needs while meeting the needs of themselves and our company, that’s fabulous; however, if they do not, please do not penalize the reader as they are following directions and have prepared for the event that you have requested.

While our readers are professional, solution oriented, have strong customer service backgrounds and affable natures they are not fully equipped to provide official customer service (they are Entertainers). Should something not be to your liking, please call the office straight away because services are guaranteed as long as we are given responsibility and early notice to take action. Our numbers is 647-895-4233 / 416-564-6284 and we can be reached by our smart phone through email and text message. Our readers will also attempt to contact us to communicate any challenges and gain an accurate understanding of proposed solutions.

We welcome your contact at any time and it’s our mission to give organizers and guests what they want in V.I.P. psychic event entertainment; however, we ask that organizers work with us to find a solution that works for everyone.

To note, problems rarely occur but when they do it’s because the booking request details have changed or an organizer makes a previously unexpressed demand of our talent without talking with the office first.

Crowd Control


Readers are a GUEST in your home and/or they are a stranger to your guests. As friendly as they are, you are connected to your guests more than they.  So upon their arrival, please ANNOUNCE the entertainment to all your guests and be ready to answer some general questions about what we do, why we are there, and what to expect.

Getting Seated Readings

Readers will do their best to support you; however, they will avoid stepping on toes. Please ensure your guests are being respectful of the reader and that they know how and when to get their reading.

How would you like your guests to wait for their reading? We can also make suggestions. Please let the booking agent know in advance of your event, if possible.


  1. Line-up — Guests wait in line for a reading.
  2. Sign-up— Sign up sheets are used. Please ask us about ours.
    1. Volunteer or Host/ess
    2. Guest monitored
  3. Called— The organizer, volunteer, host, guest, or reader calls for the next person to get a reading.
    1. Guests determine priority
    2. No priority
  4. Float — Guests hang around the area of the readings and when the reader becomes available, someone from the group hops over for a reading. Guests determine priority.
  5. Random — Whoever comes by gets a reading. No priority.

Strolling (doesn’t apply for The Party Psychics Packages or Tea Leaf Party Readings)

Readers will come to your guests (2-10 at a time) rather than your guests lining up for readings.

For 30+ guests

(doesn’t apply for The Party Psychics Packages or Tea Leaf Party Readings)

Having a fortune teller at your party is one of the, if not THE, most popular activities and a highlight of your event. Who doesn’t like to be talked about in amusing, pleasant, and enlightening ways? Excitement is expected and immense interest in the form of line-up’s is commonplace. Do consider crowd control for public or larger events with 30 or more guests, and especially when the readings are paid by the host. It is often shocking to organizers to see a mob of excited attendees form once they know one of our gifted psychic event entertainers is at the event.

Here are some ways to ensure reader and guest safety and satisfaction:

  1. Have one or more volunteers, and/or one of our Psychic Hosts or Hostesses to assist the reader and guide the guests;
  2. Rope off the reading area or have a private room for the reader to read within;
  3. Place masking tape on the floor and advise guests to stay behind the line;
  4. Answer guest questions and let them know what is going on and how to get ready for the reader;
  5. Ensure the reader is not being crowded (standing around the reading table) and that guests are not blocking exits or pathways (keep them orderly).
  6. Sign up sheets. Sign up sheets often don’t work because people don’t always come on time and when they come late a conflict may arise. There are three successful ways to use a sign up sheet: 1. Have a volunteer available to get the next person ready for their reading and talk to the reader about when they want to take refresh breaks (2-5 minutes). 2. If not using a volunteer, list the names for a reading on a sheet and give to the reader and they will ask the guest to request the next person on the list to come for their reading (this causes time gaps so fewer readings can be done) or have a line-up of at least two to three people at all times ready to get their reading depending on how long the readings are. We have sign up sheets ready-made, please ask.

Do expect the reader to tell a contact person (organizer, volunteer, etc.) when they are not feeling comfortable and please work with them to find or create a suitable reading environment. A happy reader makes for happy guests.

Your Reader

Changes > Greeting the Reader > Telling the Reader Your Itinerary > Reader Set Up > Performance Anxiety > Announcing Your Reader > An Audience at Seated Readings > Breaks > Taking Photos of Readers > Reader Flow > Overtime / Readings > Tipping

Changes Your Booking Agent ensures, at great length, that everyone gets their needs and wants met and that everyone understands what they are getting and doing. When an organizer changes the number of guests, reading length, and other information (which was collected at the time of confirming the booking) the reader can become disoriented. Having said that our readers are trained in handling minor changes. Also because we want to be responsible and we guarantee reader performance, it’s important that we are included in any decision or changes made because if there are changes that we are unaware of and the reader comes up with a solution that you agree to (at the event) our guarantee becomes null and void and you may not ultimately be happy with the outcome. So for anything more than a minor change, please call or text us at 416-564-6284 at the event or email us (preferably before he event) so we can sort of the change with the reader and yourself.

Greeting the Reader To lessen confusion it’s best that there’s only one person as a contact point for the reader and at events where we are supplying more than one reader, a Lead Reader will be assigned to the contact person.

To speed up the process of reader set up, it’s important to greet the reader and tell them where to go for setting up, where the bathroom is, and where/how they might get some water (if needed). It’s also a good time to make the final payment as previously arranged.

Many readers need time to do set up so please take no more than 5-8 minutes greeting them before they need to start setting up (takes between 5-30 minutes).

Telling the Reader Your Itinerary If an announcement, presentation, etc lasts more than a couple of minutes and will likely interrupt the readings, please do let us know at the time of booking; however, if that’s not possible do let the reader know once they arrive or at the very least before the stoppage of readings is to occur. Please also consider that the reader will likely not stay later than their agreed upon end time even if a stoppage, due to the party agenda, occurs. This is entirely at their discretion and a tip is a nice thank you should they go out of their way to please.

Reader Set Up When the reader arrives they will ask where to hold the readings. They will assess the area and may let you know of any problems they foresee and potentially request a move. Setup can take from 5 to 30 minutes. Talking or watching the reader is distracting so please give the reader space to set up their area so they can keep time. The reader will let you know if they need anything, and tell you once they are ready to receive the first guest.

When more than one reader is attending your event, please attempt to seat them in the same area.

Our readers are experts in providing psychic event entertainment. Just by their nature, Organizers can be strong planning oriented people that like to direct and control details of the event. Often this can translate into wanting to supervise the reader during set up, and being particular on where and how the reader does the readings. This is fine to a degree; however, should this sound like you, please give the entertainer space to also do their thing.

Performance Anxiety Some readers may appear anxious before reading, this is a natural performance anxiety that generally indicates successful readings will take place.

Announcing Your Reader Readers often do not announce themselves and just get straight to reading; however, please feel free to announce their name and what they do and if the reader has anything additional to say, they will or just ask them to introduce themselves and what they will be doing. In the case of psychic parties and seminars, the reader will have more of a group presence and will engage with your entire group throughout the time they are booked. In the case of larger events, a wave of the hand from the readers chair or from your part of the room or an introduction by the host through mic or word of mouth at a larger party, etc.. is good. Guests need to know the reader exists and is ready to read.

When announcing your reader, please use positive and warm words that encourage your guests to get readings which are uplifting and insightful and set the stage for a great experience. Mentioning the types of tools they use is fine; however, it may not be necessary. We can make up an announcement that is targeted towards your audience, just ask and we will be pleased to assist.

Example Announcements

Remember to TELL your guests how to wait for their reading. Examples: Line-up, Sign-up, Called, Float, Random

Please feel free to get a reading from one of the (Fortune Teller Fun) psychics (fortune tellers, readers, etc..). They will be here until X (tell your guests when we will be leaving).

Tonight we have The Amazing Autumn Tea Leaf Reader from Fortune Teller Fun. Please enjoy a positive, uplifting, and insightful reading.

Today we have Delightful Diane from 3 of Cups. She will be offering Angel & Asian Wisdom readings. Please sign up for an enjoyable, positive, uplifting, and insightful reading.

This afternoon we have Indigo, Lydia, and Jucy, fabulous readers from the 3 of Cups Psychic Entertainment troupe. Two readers will be offering private seated readings and there will be a reader strolling around giving personality readings and positive messages.Jucy is also your Psychic Hostess so if you have any questions about the readings, please speak with her.

Raven is here today to give positive, uplifting, and insightful readings. Please sign up for a reading.

Today, we are grateful to have Kaia Jai here to share her psychic insights about our group. Lets welcome her and enjoy your readings!

An Audience at Seated Readings Some readers need to work one-on-one or are okay with couples, other readers like the extra feedback or energy presence of someone other than the sitter (questioner, seeker, person being read for). If you have something different in mind other than the traditional (one-on-one private readings), please discuss with your booking agent so you can be matched up with the best reader and package for your needs.

Example: “Group readings” — each individual in a group (say sitting at or around a table) gets a mini reading while others watch and possibly respond, is a non-traditional option.

Breaks A reader will break no more than 5 minutes per hour unless readings are very short and back to back. In this case, they may take up to 10 minutes either at one time or throughout the time that they are doing readings. If an event lasts longer than 4 hours, they will need to take more time off. Breaks are important to keep the reader fresh for each and every one of your guests. If there’s a time you would like the reader not to take a break, please let them know right away. To note, many readers just plough through their readings and never take a break but if they need them, please be accommodating and let them have it. Please advise the reader or readers of a designated BREAK or SMOKE area, if appropriate.

Photo / Video Etiquette — Taking Photos / Video of Readers Having pictures and video to remind you of your special event is really wonderful; however, some readers do not like to get their image taken; please ask. If you do take pictures or video, we would love to see them. We also might take photos and video of our readers at your event, please let us know if you want copies.

If professional or non-professional photos (with or without their agreement) or video are taken of the readers at your event a flat fee of $100 will be billed, unless copies are sent into our office and appropriate credit to our company is given. If our image is to be used for commercial reasons, a release form signed by the reader and representatives of our office, are required. It’s inappropriate and illegal to use our images for non-personal reasons without credit, copy of pictures, and/or compensation. So please do ensure that your photographer for your event, should you have one, has a business card or contact information for the reader to give to the office for follow up or let us know who you will be working with. As well, we appreciate advance contact from the photographer so we can ensure proper release forms are signed. We will also give the photographer / videographer credit on our website and a link to their website should they desire! We love promoting and caring about people.

What pictures are okay to take? General party shots, where a reader is not the focus and many guests can be seen, is fine. Also photos where both your guest and the reader or just the guests face is shown without a large extent of the reading area photographed. We do not need to have general party shots sent in to our office, nor will there be any charge for using such a photo; however, we would really appreciate credit.

Reading Flow For flat rate bookings, it’s really important for the guest of honour, organizers, and other V.I.P.’s to get their readings within the first half of the time we are booked or they may miss getting a reading or require the reader to stay later.

In order for all guests (whom you want to get a reading) that are being read under a flat rate, flow needs to be constant (one after the other readings), only one reading per guest, and non-agreed upon interruptions must be non-existent. We do our best (and we are very good at doing our best) to ensure everyone that wants a reading, gets a reading.

For per person bookings, everyone will get read; however, guests need to come to their reading on time.

End / Overtime Please make best efforts in deciding how many hours of entertainment you would like ahead of time because we can’t guarantee the reader will be able to stay longer. Given that, certainly ask the reader to stay longer if you are enjoying their services. Extra fees should be given to you by your Booking Agent and the Reader has also been copied on that information. If you haven’t received this information from the agent, please ask should you desire.

Please note: The reader may attempt to locate the contact person approximately 15 minutes before wrapping up (if it’s a less intimate or larger event) or better yet, please ask the contact person to check-in with the reader 15-20 minutes before the booked end time.

Tipping Tipping is optional. Having said that, a lot of organizers who haven’t worked with us before have the impression they won’t get much out of a psychic reader for their event (which we haven’t found to be the case so far) so if you think the reader has done a job above your initial expectations and it’s in your budget to do so, a reward is always appreciated but not expected. Our readers have received anywhere from $5-$50 in thank you tips. The amount given is entirely to your discretion.


Bringing Food and Drink to the Table Guests can do this as long as there’s a willingness to place it on the floor or a nearby surface. In traditional (table style) readings we use expensive cloth (usually of velvet or silk origin) and Tarot cards (many irreplaceable) so we ask that no food and/or drink be placed on the table or eaten during a reading. Not all readings will use cards or table decorations and in those cases it’s okay to bring food and drink to the table.

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Before Your Event | During Your Event | After Your Event

After Your Event

Feedback | Pictures |Overtime


It’s to your advantage to provide feedback for a number of reasons: 1. guaranteed services; 2. a free mini reading; 3. future discounts; and 4. improved services going forward. The feedback form is what we judge ourselves on.

We want you to be harsh, critical, and unflattering even though we hope for and generally get positive feedback. However, it’s challenging and constructive feedback that improves services — the positive feedback reinforces confidence and good feelings but constructive feedback is very important too.


We often take photos of ourselves at your event unless we are requested not to do so (please do this in advance of your event). Each event is unique to us and therefore we dress ourselves, table, and area to complement your event and we like to capture that memory and show other organizers how much we care about the events we entertain at.

You are welcome to ask us for copies of photos we take or to ask us not to take photos of particular areas, etc.; however, we appreciate advanced warning. We don’t take photos of people without their permission and whenever a crowd shot is taken, faces and identifying information are blurred out. We may have pictures of your guests hands or backs of heads in a shot; however, everyone’s privacy is important to us and we always make sure that identifying information is stripped or we get permission from those that inadvertently got captured in the photo. We would also really appreciate copies of any photos taken of us and we extend great thanks in more ways than one for this. They can be sent to: pics “at” 3ofcups .ca


If you had our reader/s stay longer than the originally booked time, please contact us for a receipt. Thank you.

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Before Your Event | During Your Event | After Your Event

Contact Us

Phone #1 – 647-895-4233 (Main Office) Available “live” by voice from 11am to 8pm Monday to Friday and available day-of-events from 10am to 10pm unless otherwise arranged. Available 24/7 by email, text, and voice mail and and we will receive your message through our smart phone device.

Phone #2 –  416-564-6284 (Back-up Line) Available live the day before and day of your event. from 2pm to 10pm unless otherwise arranged. Available 24/7 by voice mail seven days a week.

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Random Party Organizer / Host Experiences

We all had a wonderful time and stayed up until 5am discussing our readings and singing karaoke! Thanks so much for coming out and making Judith’s birthday party special. Everyone raved about their reading and how intuitive you are. We all loved the TarotSeek and couldn’t believe how our interpretation of the cards were so accurate. Thanks again for doing this for us. I hope we see you again soon. Alicia H., Birthday Party - Read more testimonials

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