THE PARTY PSYCHICS Amazing entertainment value for those getting read as well as those who hear about the reading after or during.
Our Mission

Our Mission

We deliver what you and your guests want. We are here to provide a simply amazing and flawless mystical experience for you and your guests.

In 2005, 3 of Cups was founded with this vision:

  • To bring guests/peers closer together by providing accurate and meaningful insights.
  • To uplift, inspire, and motivate others with a fun and upbeat approach.
  • To reduce or eliminate the fear out of getting a paranormal reading.
  • To provide a greater appreciation and acceptance of psychics/readers.
  • To demonstrate that psychics can add so much value to an event.
  • To promote and uplift the psychic industry through professionalism and integrity.
  • To be a successful event entertainment company, run by a psychic, who only offers psychic event entertainment services.
  • To not only go above and beyond what is offered by any other psychic providing event entertainment but to continue to be the leader in psychic event entertainment.

And when demand moved us to begin hiring readers…

  • To give reading opportunities to spectacular readers, that wouldn’t otherwise have them without our support.
  • To create an atmosphere that fosters and encourages personal and professional growth, learning, sharing, and passion.  …to not be just another job, company, or money in the pocket!
  • To enjoy long term relationships with our readers and to make available opportunities no matter where they choose to live in North America.

Our mission is to deliver what guests and organizers want in V.I.P. psychic (fortune telling, reader, etc.) event entertainment.

We continually uncover the wants of organizers and guests so we can provide a simply amazing and flawless mystical experience.



Random Party Organizer / Host Experiences

I had a little trepididation about planning this party and the psychic reading/fortune teller theme. The party was a huge success. It was an intimate gathering and everyone was made to feel special facilitated in no small way by Carmen. This is the best you can imagine when planning a party and I recommend 3 Cups unequivocally. Thank you. — Pamela Shields, Ladies Night In party - Read more testimonials

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