THE PARTY PSYCHICS Amazing entertainment value for those getting read as well as those who hear about the reading after or during.
Private Party Testimonials

Private Party Testimonials

Read what other party organizers and hosts have to say about the psychic entertainment they received.

We all had a fantastic night..lots of laughs and good times….our reader (Sephera) was wonderful with us, organized and had a lot of patience….thanks again for a fabulous night making our NEW YEARS brighter 🙂 all the best. — Marina S., New Years Eve Party

Magical Maria made our party a huge success. Her readings were bang on, and everyone had a great time. Maria was amazing, she really did a great job. Everyone loved her. She added so much to the party. — Stacey Sears, Wedding Shower

I had a little trepididation about planning this party and the psychic reading/fortune teller theme. The party was a huge success. It was an intimate gathering and everyone was made to feel special facilitated in no small way by Carmen. This is the best you can imagine when planning a party and I recommend 3 Cups unequivocally. Thank you. — Pamela Shields, Ladies Night In party

Autumn was spot on, and my guests were very pleased and intrigued by their readings. For many of them it was a first time experience, and those who chose to forgo the reading, upon hearing about it, wished they had participated. — Sue Wood – Event Organizer, 50th Birthday Party Celebration

Having a tarot card reader at our event made it a fun and memorable experience for everyone who attended. Guests, as well as the event staff were thoroughly impressed with the level of professionalism 3 of Cups provided and their presence was a highlight of the night! — Amy Jutras, George Brown, JumpStart Fundraiser

The kids loved getting a gift after their readings. I liked the way Kaia Jai responded to the childrens questions by not teaching them to just rely on what she said, but make things happen for themselves. She didn’t give them any false hope. — Debbie P. Tenth Birthday party (tweens)

Thank you so much for organizing Autumn. The feed back was positive from our guests. The bride thought she did a fabulous job and was very accurate on many details. Everyone was very happy with their reading and felt that Autumn was true and authentic. She is very talented at what she does. Guest were amazed at some of the things she knew. Please extend my thanks to her for a wonderful evening.
Becky (the bride) was extremely surprised and touched by the evening. — Sarah T, Bridal Shower

Diane was wonderful … we just should have had her for a longer time as she was very popular with our guests. Diane was also flexible in meeting my request for a mix of “seated” and “strolling” readings.
Thank you very much — Terry C, Event Planner, Precision Events

3 Of Cups was very warm and welcoming with helping any issue regarding our event to ensure it was fun and successful. You filled in at last minute to give us an additional reader for overflow at the event which helped out so much. Definite future events ahead!:)3 Of Cups took part in Behind The Minds Eye, a fundraiser event for George Brown College students, and fit the theme perfectly. Huge hit, great help:)Thank you again Ryan and Jucy! Thank you! — Adam Munro, Event Planner, George Brown College

The event was fabulous — greatly enriched by the presence of the readers — especially Jasper. Readers arrived on time, were very perceptive and interacted wonderfully with the guests. Definitely a highlight of the evening: our guests were thrilled with your service. Would definitely recommend 3 of cups ! — Christina P. Big Halloween House Party

“Thank you for the short notice availability. I appreciate it.” — Trish, Wedding Reception (The organizer’s psychic entertainment (from another company) canceled an hour before the reception was to begin.  3 of Cups came to the rescue and supplied two readers who started no more than ten minutes after the canceled entertainers were supposed to begin!!

I want to thank you both for sending me such an amazing reader. Autumn was a wonderful addition to my event. My guests and I really enjoyed our readings and we are still talking about Autumn’s comments and incredible ability to pick up on current issues in each of our lives and to offer practical advice and encouragement. We all left our readings feeling energized and positive about the future and feeling better for having learned a little something more about ourselves. We are planning to book Autumn for a second party six months from now to see how our paths have changed in the next six months and if the same issues remain or if we will have an entirely different reading. I would strongly recommend Autumn to anyone considering hiring a psychic for their event. Not only are her readings amazingly accurate but she is extremely kind and professional. Thank you so much to you all for making my night such a success. Very best,Caroline — Girls Night In.

Autumn was a great reader for mixed crowd.  People who were psychic skeptics were won over by her sincerity, sweetness and positive approach.  She was very natural in her ability, and very warm and caring in her desire to help guests by using her skills.  Best of all, she really nailed the guest of honor who had an extended reading.  Very professional and a delight to have at any party. — Angela R. Arabian Nights Birthday Party (Autumn dressed in navy blue belly dance costume with many dangling gold coins)

It (Pajama Party) went really well. We were very pleased with the reading(s). PJ’s were a nice touch. Thank you very much for everything. — Willie L. Tween PJ Party

The kids all had a great time — a bit apprehensive at first, but once the first few guests had results to share, the rest of the gang were lined up for their turn! It was a great start to their grade 12 year. Thanks. — Leslie J., Teen Party 

All my friends raved about how great Joan was. We had so much fun and I would really recommend her. — Noa G., Birthday Party

Just wanted to let you know that the wedding shower was a hit, and Joan as the icing on the cake.  Everybody really enjoyed their readings – I don’t think anybody came away disappointed.  Thanks so much for helping me pull it together with such little notice.  Please also convey my hanks to Joan, it turned out to be a much longer evening than I’m sure either she or I expected … she was very accommodating. — Jill P., Wedding Shower

Nothing could have been done better. All of the help we received and the psychic was excellent.  Ryan was very professional.  Autumn was also very professional. Autumn was fantastic. Everyone had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed their readings. It was a great opportunity for all to get to know one another and share a little bit about themselves. One of our guests remarked that Autumn was the best reader she had ever received a reading from and she receives regular readings from other psychics.  Ryan was also extremely helpful guiding the booking of our last minute event and ensuring that we were satisfied with the service we received. Thank-you so much! Taryn S., Bachelorette

Karima was great! Everyone was talking about how accurate she was, she mentioned things without prompting. Our party was thoroughly impressed. Karima was just awesome!!! We all had a great time and enjoyed the readings. Everyone commented on how accurate Karima was without being given information. Even the skeptics became believers! Thanks again. I will definitely book with 3 of cups for any future events I do as well as make positive referrals too!– Christine H. Baby Shower, Tea Party

Thank you so much for arranging everything so last minute. You were fantastic and everyone really enjoyed themselves.Thanks again! Megan Fraser, Staff Appreciation, Red Door Shelter

I found every aspect of the service I received very helpful and effective. — Lisa E. The Art Institutes

Tanya was very thorough in her approach to reading my palm and made sure to look at all of the things that were presented to her. She spoke confidently and her insights were wonderful.

Valerie has a calm and insightful demenor and understood the nuances of the Tarot cards very well. She was bang on in her reading and even sensitive to what I was thinking and feeling. I would highly recommend both of these lovely ladies to any events.”  — Allison M, 12 Birthday Parties!!

Had a really good time. I find it fascinating what you guys do. I wish we had more time as well. It seemed like there was so much more to be said.  Thanks so much for an interesting evening. (Ryan & Abella)” Krista F., Girls Night In / Belated Birthday Celebration

Hi Abella:
Thanks for a truly fun event. I am getting rave reviews.
You were all [Ryan, Marianne, Abella] fantastic.
I wish I could have spent more time with you.
All the best, Rosemary” Rosemary M., Bridal Shower

Karen was incredibly friendly and offered highly accurate readings. All 6 of my guests were pleased and impressed with her service. In actual, we were all stunned at the level of accuracy as we started the process with some hesitation. We had an amazing time and were so incredibl pleased with the service offered.” Melissa V, Birthday Party

I’m not sure if anything could be done better. Payment was easy. Booking was easy. I think I might need to book a psychic for every party. Karen was great. The guests all said that she was very perceptive about what they were like and are quite excited about what the future can bring them. ” Audrey F., Bachelorette party

Ryan and Abella arrived on time and brought with them a whirlwind of energy and excitment. They gave our guests wonderful readings and were very genuine and empathetic. Great people. Full of life and love. Michelle M., Stagette

3 of Cups provided prompt, responsive and helpful service. Natasha has a very pleasing persona and her presence lent a special quality to our party. I would definitely call 3 of Cups again! Lisa H., Wedding Shower

It all came together so well. Having a 50th birthday party theme of “50 Years of Good Fortune….what does the future hold?” and a FORTUNE TELLER, blew guests away. I will reccommend this concept and theme to all my friends. It all came together so well. Having a 50th birthday party theme of “50 Years of Good Fortune….what does the future hold?” and a FORTUNE TELLER, blew guests away. I will reccommend this concept and theme to all my friends. Paula M., Surprise Birthday Party

The reader was on time, professional, easy to work with and did an xcellent job. The guests were raving about her accuracy. Everyone had a lot of fun! The reader (Marianne) was extremely accomodating, fun and accurate. It added a great element of entertainment to the party. I would definitely use this again. Tia P., Bachelorette

Everyone at the stagette had a fantastic time! Karen was awesome and I think it was the highlight of their evening. The costume fit perfectly with the Mardi Gras theme, and each person who had a reading came out with something interesting to tell the rest of us. Great job! Hailey R., Stagette

We really did love having [a 3 of Cups reader] at the party. It worked out better than I could have imagined. I have already been asked for your informtation for one of my guests future parties. Charlene G., Housewarming Party

I would highly recommend this company for a corporate event. The website is extremely helpful in answering all your questions. Their service was very professional, and the whole experience was above all expectations. It was a great idea for my 50th Birthday party., Colleen R., Birthday Party

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I would highly recommend this company for a corporate event. The website is extremely helpful in answering all your questions. Their service was very professional, and the whole experience was above all expectations. It was a great idea for my 50th Birthday party., Colleen R., Birthday Party - Read more testimonials

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