THE PARTY PSYCHICS Amazing entertainment value for those getting read as well as those who hear about the reading after or during.
Other Expert Readers & Cities

Other Expert Readers & Cities

Having worked with professional and trusted male and female psychics over the years, we can guarantee that whoever we send to you, will be great! Some of these psychics worked on a regular basis for a number of years with us, moved on to other pursuits, but still wanted to work with us now and then.  And other psychics have never worked with us regularly, have their own style of reading and costuming, yet still hold our values and mission in mind.

We currently call upon Lydia, Leanne, Caty, Catherine, and Jasper when we need more readers or when our regular readers are unavailable for your event – book early!

In addition, we are currently reading in the Montreal area and working with Jacqueline.

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I would highly recommend this company for a corporate event. The website is extremely helpful in answering all your questions. Their service was very professional, and the whole experience was above all expectations. It was a great idea for my 50th Birthday party., Colleen R., Birthday Party - Read more testimonials

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