THE PARTY PSYCHICS Amazing entertainment value for those getting read as well as those who hear about the reading after or during.
Toronto Party Psychic Reading Floaters

Toronto Party Psychic Reading Floaters


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Caty & Leanne are what we call “floaters”. When the regular 3 of Cuppers are unavailable for your special event, we call upon these pros. Like me, both of these ladies devote their lives to reading people, situations, and events on a full time basis.

Caty is a Virgo, Leanne is a Sagittarius — both are remarkable and strong women. As exceptional psychic entertainers they know how to work a room with their readings. They are old school psychics with modern day charm. As with everyone that I bring into the 3 of Cups circle, organizers and sitters love them!

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I met Caty through my on-line psychic blog. She contacted me about doing some charity fundraising work which I had talked about in one of my old entries. Unfortunately that charity fundraiser ceased to exist but I found a wonderful energy and honesty about Caty so I asked her to do special events with me.

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I met Leanne, back in 1996, at a Christian Dior promo where I got a free Tarot reading with the purchase of a lipstick. This was many years before I became a professional reader. I then started visiting her for private readings. At one point, she told me I didn’t need her anymore and two years later I started 3 of Cups.

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  • Spiritually connected.

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I’m not sure if anything could be done better. Payment was easy. Booking was easy. I think I might need to book a psychic for every party. Karen was great. The guests all said that she was very perceptive about what they were like and are quite excited about what the future can bring them. ” Audrey F., Bachelorette party - Read more testimonials

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