THE PARTY PSYCHICS Amazing entertainment value for those getting read as well as those who hear about the reading after or during.
Psychic Packages

Psychic Packages

Our Psychic Entertainment Service

1The Party Psychics developed a service to meet most needs of a private party or small get together at home.  You probably already know you like what you see in what we have to offer, so the first question on your mind would naturally be about price.  Because of that, we created packages to appeal to the budget conscious party planner while still giving you our best in psychic event entertainment.

2Have more than 15 private party readings you want done or looking for unique group, strolling, or walk-to options?  Looking for more than one reader, daytime readers, or customized psychic entertainment options? Check out our premium (private events) & organization (business, community) psychic event and party services.

3 Choose one of four party packages to enliven your guests senses, add magic and intrigue to your get together, and bring together your friends and family.

1. For the standard psychic entertainment with The Party Psychics flair, choose Psychic Seer2. For a tea party, invite one of our traditional or modern tea leaf readers to make your special event complete.  3. Want all your guests to interact, learn something new, and have a load of laughs doing it?  Book a TarotSeek party4. Is your magical child or teen having a party?  They’ll never forget a birthday party or special occasion, and neither will their friends!

Great for

  • Wedding showers
  • Bachelorttes and Stagettes
  • Birthday Parties
  • Girls Night In
  • Themed Parties (Halloween, Circus, Mardi Gras, Mad Hatter Tea Party, etc.)
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What we’re known for

  • Guaranteed event entertainment
  • Wearing costumes or clothing to fit the vibe of your event
  • Dressing to impress
  • Readers who have worked with us for years and have done many events with great success
  • Enthusiasm, passion, and drive to put smiles on faces while providing an accurate read to entertain, delight, and heal
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Random Party Organizer / Host Experiences

Very easy-going personal style. We LOVED that although you take your vocation seriously, you’re still cheeky enough to dress up in costume and re-create the Hollywood stereotype for us. THANK YOU!! It worked really well for our party and the guests all appreciated your presence and your contribution! - Read more testimonials

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