THE PARTY PSYCHICS Amazing entertainment value for those getting read as well as those who hear about the reading after or during.
Our Values

Our Values

Our #1 value is being people-focused: At the end of the day, it’s all about the people we serve and entertain.

Being people-focused, creating fun good times, accuracy, passion, building rapport, quality, communication, knowledge, productivity, presentation, competency, responsibility, dependability, reciprocity, delightful surprises, and professionalism.

People-focused: At the end of the day, it’s all about people. We want to ensure happiness and good feelings. It’s important that people get what they want. We remain humble and put your shoes on before we make decisions, say or do something. We do as we would like done to ourselves. We are careful with our word choices and considerate of feelings and thoughts. We want people leaving an interaction with us feeling warm, content, renewed, hopeful, and inspired.

Fun: At an event, party, or trade show we are all about entertaining and creating fun and good times for all. By doing this we establish an atmosphere of safety and security. Guests who may of previously shyed away from a psychic reading change their mind within three readings of one of our stellar fortune tellers. That’s because we take the “creep” out of what we do while keeping the mystery and delight intact. Having said that you may want us to put the “creep” back into what we do, especially for Halloween parties and dark, mysterious events. In that case, just let us know!

Accuracy: We achieve and strive for a minimum of 80% reading accuracy. Accuracy can be subjective at times because of personal viewpoint and perspective; however, feedback tells us that we are at least accurate in what we say 4 times out of 5.

Passion: Our work excites us so much that we have and would do it for free; however, now that we are in demand it’s not necessary to do that. *grin* We believe in our tools and in ourselves and that translates into powerful readings. We are vital, full of zest, and enthusiasm for and at your events and it shows. You are not another $1 to us.

Rapport: Building rapport means understanding and appreciating different personalities and ways of approaching things. We play well with others.

Quality: We only offer our best or we won’t do it at all. We would rather turn down an event through 3 of Cups than offer shoddy work. We also guarantee that we are placing our best foot forward and go all out to enhance your event with our special readings.

Communication: We strive to always let people know what’s going on, to address concerns clearly and in good time, and to let everyone know what we are all about. By communicating regularly and clearly we show care and respect.

Knowledge: Because we have so much passion about what we do, continuing studies is always on our mind. We are experts in our chosen tools. We also strive to be competitive in our pricing and aware of what guests and organizers want. Wisdom, curiosity, and creativity are important to us.

Productivity: We are focused on being productive and getting a lot achieved. We achieve your objectives. Our readings are meaningful and focused on offering insightful responses.

Presentation: We like to either look the part of a fortune teller OR wear something appropriate for the event. We are well groomed and take pride in our appearance though we may not win a beauty pageant. Glitz and glamour in our table settings and reading tools adds to a magical experience for your guests. We present information in a palatable way for guest enjoyment.

Competency: We care and continuously strive to have the skill, ability, and knowledge to perform all tasks at a high level.

Responsibility: We take responsibility for our actions, errors, or omissions.  We guarantee services.  We do what is right, correct errors, make amends, and endeavor not to repeat mistakes again.

Dependability:  You can count on us to show up to your event and give the service we say we are going to give. We are there when you need us.  Even though we prefer 2-4 weeks advance notice (months during our busy season) we are happy to do our best to be there when you need us and work hard to find a fabulous reader for your event.  We come through for you.

Reciprocity:  If you treat us like a partner, we will be your partner and give you all that we have to give.  If you treat us like experts, we will give you our expertise and tell you our experiences so you can have the best event possible.  If you show us kindness, we will be extra kind.  If you go out of your way to elevate us, we will go out of our way to help you flourish.   If you respect us, we will respect you.  Do unto others as you would like to done unto you.  So the flip side is true.  If you don’t see us as experts, how can we truly give you our best?  If a seeker is untrue in their reading, we are likely to be untrue in return.  Reciprocity is also about respecting and asserting our values by not being a mat for others to walk upon.  Reciprocity encourages others to be as good as they can with their interactions with others.  Do know, if you treat us well we will do the same three times over.  Also, whatever we expect out of others holds true for us.  We do not expect what we are not prepared to do ourselves.

Delighting: We like to wow you in unexpected ways. We don’t post all the things we may do because happy surprises are nice. We want to exceed your expectations and we work with the vibe of the event. Just know that we actually care. Yup, we really do. We are not doing this for your $1 but out of love for what we do, who we do it for, and the resulting happiness gained. We are sharing the warmth and good cheer. Your $1 keeps us in business but it isn’t why we are in business.

Professionalism: Success ,ability, conduct, and attitude — professionalism means different things to different people.  To us it means being experts at what we do.  Having a focused attention and interest.  We honour commitments, agreements, and follow through even if a better offer comes along.  We are on time and dependable. We have a reading code of ethics. We understand the power  of our words so we avoid conversations about unpleasant things such as death, illness, and accidents.  We are a registered incorporated business and understand corporate structures. We refund when appropriate and hold your deposits and private information securely.  We plan to be in business forever and our interest is to expand across North America and create franchises.  We reply to phone calls and emails promptly.  We treat others as they would like to be treated; however, we respect ourselves, assert, and communicate our needs too.  If you treat us with respect, you will get the same in return.  We are also quite honest in saying what we see and believe.  Unfortunately, honesty can be seen as unprofessional at times; it isn’t to us.  We like to get your feedback and resolve to fix any error or oversight. Our service is guaranteed to do what we say it does or we will make things right.

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It all came together so well. Having a 50th birthday party theme of “50 Years of Good Fortune….what does the future hold?” and a FORTUNE TELLER, blew guests away. I will reccommend this concept and theme to all my friends. It all came together so well. Having a 50th birthday party theme of “50 Years of Good Fortune….what does the future hold?” and a FORTUNE TELLER, blew guests away. I will reccommend this concept and theme to all my friends. Paula M., Surprise Birthday Party - Read more testimonials

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